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CHIRU is a bicycle brand focusing making mountain bikes exclusively and only made out of carbon fiber with a specific design for endurance riding, and adventure racing.


Pierre-Arnaud LE MAGNAN started CHIRU out of passion for bicycle making and 25 years of experience in carbon-made sports products. Being a industrial design engineer and a decicated rider, Pierre always had a passion for exquisite high-tech piece of equipment and it was time in 2009 to go the the next level and launch CHIRU which result from the mix of know-how, endless testing sessions and racing experience.


Named after the animal that roams the Tibetan plateau, CHIRU bikes philosophy focuses on power transfer and bike handling rather than only the weight, that make CHIRU frames more responsive, comfortable, and very exciting to ride. Just like the Chiru, CHIRU bikes can survive the toughest conditions, and this is what we ask of our bikes. and never forget, Endurance is in you!


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