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SwiftCarbon is a new kind of bicycle company born from a genuine love and passion for cycling, and to offer the best bikes at sensible prices. SwiftCarbon is a clean-sheet company, structured around what it believes to be the most effective way to produce high peformance carbon fibre bicycles. The man behind SwiftCarbon is ex-professional cyclist Mark Blewett. By his own admission, his professional career was "probably the most unglamorous in the history of the sport" - six hard years of fetching bottles from the team car. Yet through all of this came a strong understanding of what makes a great racing bike and what doesn't. Another string in Mark's bow is his industrial design background. It's this combination of experiences that sparked the idea of SwiftCarbon. Today, SwiftCarbon is represented by the renowned Drapac Professional Cycling as well as dozens of individual professional riders, providing invaluable feedback directly influencing the design of SwiftCarbon and SwiftActiv bicycles.

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