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Everyone at Alutech has turned his mountain biking hobby into a profession. Alutech is a Rider Owned Company, the colleagues are friends and real "dudes" that go about their jobs every day with pride, idealism and identity with the brand and the company. We are real personalities with a distinct character and entrepreneurship, and everyone on the team is a specialist in his field. There is a human, open and honest atmosphere, and we all appreciate the freedom given to us. In short: We are living our dream.


Alutech is a true alternative to the "establishment". Our bikes are innovative, progressive and distinctive. They are design side, technically and qualitatively very latest development version. We want to move together with our products and with our customers something. We put a lot of love into the small details and hail as a premium German manufacturer with first-class workmanship, producing some of the best mountain bikes on the market.


Alutech bikes are designed by passionate riders with passionate drives. Our passion for cycling does not rise out of any marketing department, but from the great outdoors. And that should never change. Every year we strive to develop new designs, technology, and features because only through our knowledge of exactly what is needed to produce clever, innovative and exclusive mountain bikes.