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Change the Game!

Paradox Kinetics is a company based in Greece focused giving absolute freedom and power to mountain riders. With the Hermes all bikers have the chance to experience something new and different that will completely change the way they see eMTBs. E-Bikes are important part of the future of biking. While city biking is thoroughly covered by existing ebike solutions, the are close to zero good eMTB kits that truly meet the needs of the most demanding high end mountain riders. This is where Hermes comes in.


Hermes is a high torque (130Nm), high power (1500W) ebike motor kit, with a large battery (650Wh) that can support long rides. It is designed specifically for the needs of extreme off-road enduro and downhill styles. Hermes is made in Greece, with aerospace grade carbon fiber and aluminum alloy. It is beautifully designed, and is a masterpiece of engineering. It is highly durable, water resistant and dust-proof, and it can take a serious beating on difficult downhill trails. The Hermes is the result of over 2 years of experience, research and focus on providing value adding technologies to customers. The motor’s design offers easy installation and seamless integration. Hermes motors are throttle controlled with the guiding principle in the design of the motor and control algorithm is that the bike remains essentially a bike - the motor does not interfere with pedaling or vice-versa, rather achieving a perfect synergy of rider and motor working together.



Continuous Power: 1500W

BB Torque: 130Nm

Top Speed: 50km/hr

Weight: 3.5kg (Weight on bike including bottom bracket)

Battery Capacity: 650Wh

Battery Weight: 3.5kg (Weight in Battery Backpack)

Trail Riding Time: Approximately 3 hours

Cross Country Riding Time: Approximately 60km


Hermes Kit includes:

Hermes Motor (1500W)

Backpack Dakine Drafter with Power Cable

Battery (650Wh, 43,2V, 15Ah) *

Power cables for the frame

Enduro bearings.

Battery Charger *

Thumb throttle

Crankset, Spider, Renthal Chainring

Tie Wraps

Bottom Bracket Kit

● E-MTB Chain

Carbon Fiber Pinion Cover

 (*) Items may be shipped separately for certain countries