Suprarace Agera エアロ・ロードバイク


Suprarace Agera エアロ・ロードバイク

通常価格 ¥162,500
単価  あたり 


Aerodynamic Performance 

Suprarace is a new and upcoming triathlon-specific brand based entirely in China. That’s right – China. Suprarace actually belongs to an OEM factory, which also produces a bunch of frames for the big and famous brands that you are well accustomed to but have absolutely no idea where they actually make their products (Sorry, we’re not allowed to say which brands). Despite hailing from a land where everything is copied to hell, Suprarace frames are genuinely unique when it comes to design. The founding team behind Suprarace have structural engineering backgrounds combined with lengthy involvement in national time trial racing. Suprarace frames are their vision of what should be in Triathlon and T/T bikes. The Agera is a second generation aerodynamic road racing model from Suprarace, with a design specifically suitable for technical triathlons. The Agera utilizes the best available materials for consistent performance as proven by Suprarace triathletes continuously retaining top results. 
When it comes to the discussion about carbon frames, besides the usual breakdown of what kind of carbon fiber, what kind of so-called proprietary technologies are used, and how much testing was involved during the R&D process – it’s safe to say most folks don’t understand all of it. At Suprarace, with their years of experience in manufacturing frames on behalf of brands, retains all of the same insights to the structural designing process, engineering, actual frame building, fabrication, and painting. This combined experience allows Suprarace to combine their skills and design to produce performance bikes at superior value for all triathletes. This is truly direct sales - factory to consumer! 
The Agera frameset is produced using carbon fiber materials sourced directly from Japan from a company called Toray. They are pretty huge in the industry because their carbon fiber is used for all applications – tennis racquets, bike frames, auto parts, airplane parts, and even weapons. The Agera uses a particular series of Toray carbon fiber for frame and fork production – the T700, T800, and T1000. Frames are produced in accordance to the same rigorous testing expected from any frame from the big brands on the market and each frame leaving the factory is checked for proper surface quality. Made in China is actually very good now!
The Suprarace Agera has all the necessities for triathlon racing: Electronic shifting compatibility (Sram eTap or Shimano Di2), six frames sizes for you to find your precise fit, adjustable aero seatpost, integrated cable guiding system, space for two water bottles, readily available replacement frame parts and gear, and manufacturer’s lifetime warranty for defective frames and forks. Suprarace also offers crash replacement policy, in which you can receive a new frame or fork for a heavy discount. 
Suprarace has managed to get its bikes race proven by sponsoring one of the most popular triathlon events on the planet – the Ironman 70.3. The series launched in China a few years ago and Suprarace has been a main sponsor ever since, offering a fleet of triathlon race-ready bikes for everybody to try out during their race. The leading men’s and woman’s triathletes from Taiwan, Chang Chia Hao and Chang Ting Ting, are also sponsored by Suprarace, earning over 50 combined victories in a few years.